Welcome to our Group!
Prof. Husam Alshareef with his research group at KAUST
Thin film thermoelectrics based on novel skutterudites and oxides with a view to identifying structure-property relation
Novel nanostructured electrodes for high performance supercapacitors
Flexible Electronics
Thin film organic electronics on flexible and transparent substrates for memory and energy storage applications
Transparent Electronics
Transparent semiconducting oxides for low-cost, flexible, transparent, light weight and low power electronics
Li and Na Ion Batteries
We develop nanostructured anode and cathode materials for Li and Na ion battery applications



We aspire to deliver leading-edge materials research and education focusing on Energy and Emerging Electronics for the benefit of our community, host country (The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), and the world.

Research Interests

Our group research interests include the development of nanomaterials and devices targeting Emerging Electronics and Energy Harvesting and Storage Applications.  Current projects include development of nanomaterials (particularly oxides) for capacitive energy storage,  flexible and transparent electronics, nanoelectronics, and thermoelectric power generation.