Graphene based integrated tandem supercapacitors fabricated directly on separators

Wei Chen , Chuan Xia , H.N. Alshareef; "Graphene based integrated tandem supercapacitors fabricated directly on separators"
Nano Energy, Volume 15, July 2015, Pages 1–8​,​
Wei Chen, Chuan Xia, H.N. Alshareef
Graphene; Integrated device; Tandem supercapacitors; Separator; High volumetric energy density
​It is of great importance to fabricate integrated supercapacitors with extended operation voltages as high energy density storage devices. In this work, we develop a novel direct electrode deposition on separator (DEDS) process to fabricate graphene based integrated tandem supercapacitors for the first time. The DEDS process generates compact grapheme– polyaniline electrodes directly on the separators to form integrated supercapacitors. The integrated grapheme–polyaniline tandem supercapacitors demonstrate ultrahigh volumetric energy density of 52.5 W h L1 at power density of 6037 W L1 and excellent gravimetric energy density of 26.1 W h kg1 at power density of 3002 W kg1 with outstanding electrochemical stability for over 10,000 cycles. This study show great promises for the future development of integrated energy storage devices. & 2015 Published by Elsevier Ltd.