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    2D; MXene; Nanofluidic; Osmotic Power Generators
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    Dielectric Permittivity; MXene; Ti3C2
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    colloidal quantum dots, ligands, n-type thermoelectrics, solution-processed semiconductors, thermoelectric generators
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    anodes, defect-rich, graphitic nanocarbon, nanobubbles, potassium-ion batteries
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    Porous MXene; V2C MXene; Potassium ion capacitor; Energy storage
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    beta; ferroelectric; organic electronics; photonic; polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF); UV
    • "Jin Zhao, Yi‐Zhou Zhang, Fan Zhang, Hanfeng Liang, Fangwang Ming, Husam N. Alshareef, Zhiqiang Gao" Partially Reduced Holey Graphene Oxide as High Performance Anode for Sodium‐Ion Batteries​
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    anode materials; energy storage; holey graphene oxide; oxygenous groups; sodium‐ion batteries
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    Lithium–sulfur battery; 2D MXene; Antifouling separator; Self-assembled channels
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    • ​Energy Storage Materials​,
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    microsupercapacitors; on‐chip energy storage; RuO2; thin film rectifiers; thin film transistors
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    hydrophilicity engineering; interlayer spacing tuning; MoS2; oxygen incorporation; zinc-ion battery; Zn2+ intercalation
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    2D materials; electrodes; metal contact; MXene; solar cells
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    conductive; graphene; laser‐scribed; metal–organic frameworks; microsupercapacitors
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    PEDOT:PSS; Stretchable; Thermoelectrics
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    biosensor, MXene, perspiration analysis, wearable device
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    Energy Harvesting; Microsupercapacitors; Self‐Charge; Triboelectric nanogenerator
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    MXene; MXetronics; Electronic; Photonic; Plasmonic
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    colloidal quantum dots; power factor; quantum dot thermoelectrics; solution processable materials; thermoelectrics
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    Polyoxometalate; MOF; Lithium ion battery
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    GrapheneLaser; writingEnergy; Sensor; Electrocatalysis; Electronics
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    Zinc-ion batteries; Cathode; Electrolyte; Anode; Flexible batteries; Wearable devices
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    direct‐write; micro‐supercapacitors; MXene ink; paper electronics; printing
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    anode materials, energy storage, holey graphene oxide, oxygenous groups, sodium‐ion batteries
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    layered metal dichalcogenides, metal dichalcogenide diodes, pulsed laser deposition, SnSe2 thin films
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    Salt effect, Oxygen vacancy, Nanostructure control, Modified pseudocapacitance
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    molybdenum dioxide, molybdenum disulfide, quasi-single crystalline, polycrystalline, wafer scale
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    Titanium carbide; MXene; current collector; Lithium ion battery
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    Zinc-ion batteries; aqueous; vanadium oxide; layered material
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    heterojunctions, hybrid perovskites, interfaces, phototransistors, tin monoxide
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    beta, ferroelectric, organic electronics, photonic, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), UV
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    • ​ Patent No . : US 10,068,630 B2
    Ferroelectric; transistors; memory cell
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    CsPbCl3; perovskite; Photoluminescence
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    direct-write, micro-supercapacitors, MXene ink, paper electronics, printing
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    3D Graphene, laser scribed, lignin, microsupercapacitor
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    • ​Microscopy and Microanalysis​, doi:10.1017/S1431927618008371
    Ti3C2, Mxene, EELS, in-situ TEM
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    Ti3C2, Mxene, sodium ion capacitor
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    in situ heating STEM; independent polarizability; low-loss/core-loss EELS; surface plasmon blue-shift; temperature-dependent STEM-EELS
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    MXene, hydrogel, sensor
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    N-doping, graphene, laser scribing, sodiun ion battery
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    Ti3C2, MXene, electrochemical