Current Research

In this project we target the development of novel electrode materials and nanostructures for energy storage applications.  We are interested in synthesis of transition metal oxides, conducting polymers, carbon materials and their composites for high performance supercapacitor electrodes. ​​
‘Thermoelectrics’ deals with the science and technology of conversion of heat into electricity and vice versa using solid state devices involving no moving parts. We focus on thin film thermoelectrics based on novel skutterudites and oxides with a view to identifying structure-property relations and applying them in the synthesis and evaluation of better thermoelectric materials and devices. ​
Transparent semiconducting oxides for low-cost, flexible, transparent, light weight and low power consumption portable electronic devices (flat-panel displays, diodes, RFID and sensors)​​​
Flexible electronics represent and important component of the emerging electronics market.  Low temperature deposition of oxides, dielectrics, and contact material interface are key areas for this important and emerging market.​
Contact materials play a critical role in determining the ultimate transistor performance.  Here we use surface engineering with rare-earth oxides to control the effective work function of the contact materials and improve device performance.​
We are developing materials for energy harvesting from vibrations using the piezoelectric effect. Specifically, piezoelectric nanocomposites using and relaxor solid solutions are investigated